Insulated Duct - Model No:FAE-ID

Flex duct consists of a plastic inner liner attached to a metal coil that comes already covered with a layer of fiber glass blanket insulation,which is covered by foil or plastic vapor barrier. It is typically available in R-4, R-6,and R-8.

Alu. Sami Rigid Duct - Model No : FAE-AMRD

Ideal for ventilation & air conditioning system High quality for Indian market Materials: Semi-rigid aluminum, high flexibility and axial compressibility, 0.11mm thickness or as request Applications: Low/Medium pressure central HVAC systems and ventilation systems Recommended for Industrial Air Movement and Fume Control Applications; Abrasion Resistant;A/C Ventilation; Chemical Fumes; Confined Space Ventilation; Fume Exhaust; Garage Exhaust; High Temperature Applications; Pollution Control; Ventilation

Non Insulated Flexible Duct - Model No : FAE-NIFD

Supplied in standard 25 feet length. Multi boxed Packing. Low costs on transport and logistic. Easy to Install No special tool required for cutting or fixing In case of a fire no toxic gases are emitted The products have been tested on fire resistance

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