To be effective and dependable, plumbing systems must be designed to every building owner’s unique needs and expectations. With W&T Engineering plumbing engineering services, our engineers and consultants design integrated systems and layouts that meet client requirements while supporting advanced solutions for water conservation, reclamation and treatment.

Our plumbing engineering specialists provide a full range of integrated plumbing systems design and implementation, including approaches customized to help conserve, reclaim and treat water resources.

Our installation and service divisions provide emergency and routine preventative maintenance to end users of our construction projects, and to a wide range of business related customers.

W&T Engineering has traded in all forms of plumbing and fire protection services over a very long period of time and has established trade records in commercial/industrial plumbing and fire protection. We have also been involved in a number of large architecturally designed homes/unit developments and have expertise in recycled water and treatment plants. Today we offer economically viable solutions to all your plumbing and fire protection needs. We work in conjunction with building owners, consultants and Project Managers from concept stage through to delivery.

Our flexible and professional approach enables our clients to access a full range of services depending on their particular needs. Our goal is to work in conjunction with our customers to ensure compliance, efficiency and peace of mind.